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Hey Sexy Campers!

Cooper here. On behalf of Dylan and the many wonderful Swingsetters putting this trip together for you, I want to welcome you to paradise for Life on the Swingset’s ninth trip to Desire Resort Riviera Maya! Over the years, as we’ve grown, we’ve been able to twist the resort more and more into being the space we truly want it to be. That has meant more acceptance of bi men, alternative relationships, trans guests, and now gay couples. We are so pleased with what this trip has become as we enter this year. The number one thing that we’re proud of, though, is the respect that our people have for each other, for the staff, for the locals, for everybody. Respect is such an important attribute, and it is so frightfully rare in the world.

It would not be what it is without you, the newbies; you, the returning guests; you, the Desire vets, taking a chance with our merry band of hedonists!

Desire, for us, is about exploration and community. It’s about learning about ourselves, our likes, our dislikes, and things we had no idea we’d like. It’s about learning about our partners, our friends. Like camp, it’s that wonderful place where you can meet new people, bond intensely, and then have them as lifelong friends thereafter. I’ve never met a greater group of human beings than I encounter each year on this trip. 

And they’re fucking sexy, too!

I encourage you to drink deeply in your time here, try new things, explore the edges of your comfort zone, knowing that if you don’t like something, it’s as simple as never doing it again (or just once more in case you did it wrong the first time) but if you DO like something, well, you may have discovered your new THING. 

There will be moments of intense discovery, the wondrous ecstasy, and there will also be emotions and difficulty. It’s understandable that in a place with such emotional cache, we will all inevitably hit the feels. But when it happens, look around, you’re surrounded by people like you! People who will help if they can.

On this page, you’ll find a bit of a roadmap for your experience here. But remember, your Desire is like a choose your own adventure experience. Yours won’t look like anybody else’s, and that’s wonderful!  Chart your own path, define this adventure for yourself!

Carpe Noctem – Seize the Night!
Cooper S. Beckett

Frequently Asked Questions

Disco Dungeon Frequently Asked Questions

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Chat With Other Guests

We have an ongoing private chat on our inhouse (and thus secure) Rocket Chat platform. While many people use some of the rooms, only Desire '21 attendees can join our D21 chatrooms! If you haven't already signed up, do so with the form below.

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Resort Map

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Trip Logo Merch

Each year has its own trip logo, and we have merchandise to go with it, including tote bags, shirts, hats, etc. With this year being D20, well there was only one way we could take it! Roll for mischief, roll for pleasure!

Resort Music

Dress Code

The traditional Desire Resort dress code is as follows:

Must have a cover-up at least in the lobby.

Must have shoes and a coverup (both top and bottom) at the breakfast and lunch buffets.

Must have long pants/dress, shoes, and covered top at the dinner buffet.

Must have closed shoes, long pants/dress, nice shirt/top, at Suki & Sahlo.


We have worked with the resort to “evolve their thinking” over the past several years to make the dress code more inclusive and less gender based.