Disco Dungeon Night

As many of our guests are kinky or at least kink curious, several years ago our Dungeon Crew, designed and sent plans ahead to Desire Riviera Maya for equipment to turn the disco into a dungeon for one night of our takeover. Every year since, our Disco Dungeon has proven to be an immensely popular event.

We're always learning and improving from past years. What you can expect for this year is that the play area will be better organized, allowing for more people to fulfil their fantasies. 

During Dungeon Night, there will be multiple people acting as Dungeon Monitors (DMs) at all times, and they’ll be easy to spot by their glow necklaces. 

The DM’s job is to make sure everyone plays responsibly, so they have the final say on matters of safety and what is or is not permitted in the dungeon. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, they can either help or direct you to someone who can.

A great deal of effort is being put into making the dungeon welcoming and accessible. If you have any particular concerns or questions, please feel free to ask Ginger about literally anything regarding dungeon night. Likewise, feel free to contact her if you have any sort of special scene you’d like to set up.

The Aftercare Room

Kinky play can be a mental and physical workout, and people often need a few minutes of quiet relaxation afterwards. The back room at the disco that’s usually the Play Room will once again be the Aftercare Room. Anyone using the room is welcome to have a partner with them, but we’d like to stress that it is a sacred space where voices are kept low and absolutely no play is permitted.

There will be plenty of towels and ice water, as well as access to the bar from just a couple steps outside the room. The Aftercare Room will only be accessible through the play area. We can accommodate all kinds of special aftercare needs, so if you need anything in particular for aftercare the DMs will help you get it.


Do I have to play if I come to Dungeon Night?

No! There is ample room for spectators and the bar is open. The play area will be roped off with only one entrance, and there will be no play across the rope line. Part of the intention is to provide safe and comfortable access to all, including those who are only interested in watching.

Do I have to bring a partner to play?

No! If you’re curious about bottoming (receiving), there will be a number of extremely capable and experienced service tops who will be happy to take you for as mild or wild of a ride as your interests may dictate. Explicit, informed and enthusiastic consent is always the theme.

What’s a “service top?”

A service top is an experienced top/dominant who enjoys kink enough that they’re happy to play without any kind of reciprocation or sexual gratification. They’re happy to top as a service as opposed to topping as part of a personal relationship. Our service tops have a wide variety of skills and interests. They’ll take the time to find out what you want and get you where you’d like to go.

Can I have a specific service top if I have a preference?

Absolutely, just let one of the DMs know who you’d like to work with.

I want to play with my partner but we don’t have any toys or experience. Can we still play in the dungeon together?

Absolutely. All the service tops have some toys that are loaners, and are also happy to be mentors while you play with your partner. If you’re new to kink, we strongly recommend you come to the workshops on Monday afternoon. Most/all of the service tops will be there, along with the dungeon gear.

What kind of play do the service tops offer?

The service tops will offer at least the following list of services:

  • Impact play (flogging, spanking, paddles, crops, and whatever else may be handy and up your alley
  • Sensory play (hot, cold, rough, smooth, soft, hard, blindfolds, etc)
  • Electricity play (violet wands)
  • Wax play
  • Bondage (rope, cuffs, etc.)
  • Feel free to inquire about anything special, ideally beforehand

What if my partner and I have our own toys and just want to play?

If the station you’re looking to use is open, just talk to a DM and you can walk right in and play. Popular stations may have wait lists, as mentioned above.

Will there be dancing anywhere on Dungeon Night since the disco is closed?

There will be a DJ and dancing in the courtyard.

Where can I get some introductory info on BDSM safety?

For an extremely helpful beginner’s resource on BDSM health and safety, as well as a general Safer Sex Guide, please visit https://nelaonline.org/publications/safer-sex-booklet. Or, for direct download of the guide formatted for mobile devices, https://nelaonline.org/files/download/43

A great resource for rope bondage safety can also be found at http://www.remedialropes.com/basic-bondage-safety

All-Week Dungeonette

We have secured the Premiere palapa in the lobby for use as a mini dungeon for most of the week. For those of you who know the resort, that’s the glass-walled building to the right as you’re walking into the lobby from the office. The cross, spanking bench and (space permitting, fingers crossed) the suspension rig we’re building will be available from Monday evening through the rest of the week, except during Dungeon Night, of course.

The glass walls will be curtained most of the time, as we have guests who are triggered by S&M play and we need to make space for them while they make space for us, but with a little notice the curtains can come down for anything performance based. This should also allow those who are experience with suspension to play in the air conditioning while still allowing for the inevitable eager audience.

As long as we can all follow a few simple rules, the Dungeonette will be unlocked and available as noted above.

  • Keep the curtains up for pain play unless you’ve made prior arrangements
  • Suspension requires a spotter, no exceptions. If you need one talk to a host or DM. For those who are tie-curious, remember that full suspension typically requires the top and bottom to have many hours of rope time together, so it’s not really suited to service topping or casual play.
  • If you’re planning to do something you don’t do regularly at home, have someone experienced with you. That could easily be one of the DMs if you don’t have someone else.
  • Leave it as clean as you found it.

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Pricing is based on a FULL WEEK FOR 2 GUESTS, shorter stays will be adjusted. Adding a 3rd person to the room is 50% extra.
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Dungeon Rules and Etiquette

  • No photos or video inside the dungeon.
  • For this event, to keep things simple and since we want to welcome people new to the environment, “no” and “stop” are the default safe words. Resistance play is the only type of play specifically prohibited during Dungeon Night, so “no” and “stop” will always halt play. Obviously, everyone is welcome to use any personal safewords they may prefer in addition.
  • Speak with a DM prior to any edge play including wax, needle/medical, knife, fire, etc so we can make sure you have a safe space to play in.
  • Sex is permitted in the dungeon except in the Aftercare Room, provided everyone is considerate of others’ space. Sex at the play stations is fine as long as it’s part of a scene and not just a place to fuck.
  • You will see people with arrays of toys laid out. You’re definitely free to ask questions as long as you’re not interrupting, but please ask before touching. Not all toys are loaners.
  • Do not touch anyone without their express consent.
  • Do not interrupt or try to join a scene without an invitation.
  • Please try to keep use of equipment/stations to reasonable time frames. We don’t want to put a clock on everyone, but we do want to make sure everyone who wants to play gets a chance to. Depending on interest levels in any particular station we may implement sign-up sheets. If we need to start running a clock, everyone will have 15ish minutes.
  • There will be a bartender and alcohol will be served, but the DMs’ judgment is final regarding whether any individual has had too much to play safely in the dungeon.
  • Please let a DM know right away if you see anyone violating the dungeon rules.

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