2019 Theme Nights

Theme Nights

Nights at Desire are your opportunity to be a part of the themed masquerades. The Swingset's own Pixie and Damien have carefully curated the theme nights for the past three years of trips. Below are 2019's themes.

Saturday: A Pantheon of Gods and Myth

A bacchanal is awaiting your presence. Join Bacchus as an acolyte, follower, or fellow god, demigod, or demiurge. Old god or new, the only thing certain is we will all revel in the pleasures of the flesh.

Sunday: Heroes & Villains

When you think of heroes and villains where does that take you? Wonder Woman? Dr. Maru? Rey? Captain Phasma? Julius Caesar? Genghis Kahn? Catherine the Great? Madame Curie? Eliot Ness? Al Capone? Harry Potter? Voldemort? Regardless, be your best or baddest (or both) sexiest self.

Monday: Heavy Petting Zoo (AKA: Fuck like an Animal)

What animal are you? Care to share? Sleek feline? Playful puppy? Prancing pony? Strong and sinewy? Soft and strokeable? Would you prefer to curl up on someone’s lap, or stalk and hunt in the dead of night? Do you have a master, or are you king of the beasts?

Tuesday: What're You Into? – Fetish & Kink

What tickles your fancy in that ‘special' way? Leather, latex, lace, PVC, or rope? Maybe something else? Indulge your bliss, we all want to see. This theme night occurs on the same night as our Dungeon Disco takeover.

Wednesday: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Silly, childish, uncomplicated, and sickly sweet – and that's just the breakfast cereals! What do you think of when you think about Saturday Morning Cartoons? Comfy jammies? Silly characters? The beginning of a life long love affair with animation -> anime? Or does your brain go somewhere else? Please share!

Thursday: Kings & Queens

Royalty doesn't have to be a drag, but it can be if you want. Whether Kings and Queens mean chess, Return of the King, Star Wars, the British royals, or crossgender play, this is the night for you.

Friday: Hoist the Colors High – Pride / Rainbow

Show your true colours, fluorescent pink, lipstick red, shiny black, or fly your Pride flag proudly with all the colours of the rainbow. Show us who you really are, or who you would be if you could be anything you desired.

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