Theme Nights

Nights at Desire are your opportunity to be a part of the themed masquerades. The Swingset's own Pixie and Damien have carefully curated the theme nights for the past four years of trips. Below are 2021's themes.

Saturday: A Pantheon of Gods & Myth
In addition to stalwarts goddesses and gods like Bacchus, this year we're encouraging shy denizens of the wood to make their appearances: Nymphs, naiads, satyrs, qilins, nomes, goblins, elves, or perhaps a hellhound or two.

Sunday: Something Wicked This Way Comes
The carnival is coming to town, and it's bringing with it something dark, something evil, something wicked, but oh so tempting” – Let's fill the evening with circus performers, carnies, ring masters, dangerous animals, or villainous ne'er-do-wells – perhaps the evil ringmaster – the illustrated man himself – Mr Dark will make an appearance?

Monday: Upcycle
Think “pervertables” but for your whole body. Reuse previous costumes, repurpose household goods, or reduce your costume to the bare minimum. One person's junk is another person's fabulous outfit!

Tuesday: Fetish & Kink – Oh my Goth!
A night full of vampires, villains, and their willing victims – lace, leather, and gothic splendor. No costume is too over the top, or too dark.

Wednesday: Science Friction
Set your phasers to STUNNING! The universe is ours to discover on this night of sensual space folx, amorous aliens, and inter planetary sexploration. Pew pew pew!

Thursday: In to the Deep
What's long and hard and full of seamen? A submarine of course! What strange sights will the crew of the USS Penetration see if they visit us tonight? Merfolk? Sexy Atlanteans? Neptune or Venus on a half shell? Cruising sharks or cuddle fish? Definitely hoping for some naughty tentacled shenanigans! Regardless I hope we can all agree to be fronds and not anemones.

Friday: Pride, Sparkle, & Glow
Shiny, sparkly, fluorescent and glowing or full of rainbows! Shine bright you sexy people!

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